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From Stephen McConnell <>
Subject Re: Exiting Incubation - Status Check
Date Tue, 16 Dec 2003 06:49:07 GMT

Jochen Wiedmann wrote:

> Hi,
> I have a couple of questions concerning
> Some of them have already been asked (with no reply), some haven't.
> *  No non ASL or ASL compatbile dependencies in the code base
>    In the case of JaxMe, there are several unit tests, which
>    depend on hsqldb. hsqldb is not in the CVS repository, but
>    the developer is expected to download it from the hsqldb
>    site ( and put it into a certain subdirectory.
>    Likewise, Gump is configured to load hsqldb from another
>    location. hsqldb is required to build the sources. The
>    binary distribution contains no references to hsqldb.
>    Does that match the above terms or does it not?

Sounds to me like it does. 

> * Check of project name for trademark issues
>    How do I do that? In particular, how do I record that I have
>    checked and found no issues?

No idea.

> * Demonstrate an active and diverse development community
>    I know what I consider an "active and diverse" development
>    community. But I am not the one to decide. Who can give me
>    a clue whether the community is supposed to be sufficiently
>    "active and diverse"?

Can you provide some indicators of the community engagement, 
independence, and empathy?

* engagement - meaning is there at least three committers active in the 
* independence - are developers aligned to a particular corporate entity 
or are they independent?
* empathy - the extent to which the community has adapted to the apache 
way (process, policy, etc.)?

> * Demonstrate ability to tolerate and resolve conflict within the 
> community.
>    I understand and approve the desire. However, to fulfill the words,
>    I would possibly have to force a conflict. 


Setup a secret PPMC mailing list, plot a staged dispute, resolve it 
professionally and with respect for everyone involved, then tick the 
issue off the list. It's a stupid requirement. Ignore it.

> * Developers tied into ASF PGP web of trust
>    I do not know what is required to conform to this part.

Me neither.
Ignore it - but maybe get someone in the community to hock up with the 
incubator group to track what is happening in that area.

> For the record, I would like to note, that IMO the other requirements
> are fulfilled by JaxMe. 

Then rerquest an exit.
Remeber that things happen in open source because you make them happen.
Don't wait for the PMC to make a decision. Push for exit - make it 
happen - get on with the prime objective.

Cheers, Stephen.

> Jochen
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