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From Leo Simons <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] New Incubator rules and scope definition (long)
Date Sun, 14 Dec 2003 14:39:49 GMT
Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:

> Hence I ask to vote

It's a big thing to vote on all at once. I still have
question marks with some points. What I'm looking
for is some signal that we are moving in a direction
where the TLPs will actually *want* to follow
incubation procedure (which would be a good sign
of good functioning), *and* where all the oversight /
due deligence (sp?) stuff is taken care of as well.

That's our common goal, innit?

I'm +1 to seeing the below as a "first step" to a
charter, something to put up online and use as the
basis of further discussion.

But I do have more thoughts on various things (that
have yet to crystallize), and I think others do as
well. So no vote from me on anything else.

> There are no subprojects in Apache, only Projects that are usually
> called Top Level Projects or TLP. Thus the Incubator works for 
> incubating Projects. 

ehm...lets make that say what you mean:

Legally/officially, There are no *sub*projects in Apache, only Projects
that are usually called Top Level Projects or TLP. Incubation of new
communities that are intended to become a TLP is the responsibility of
the Incubator PMC.

For 'subprojects', the incubation responsibility is divided between the
Incubator PMC and the TLP PMC.

> Incubator Scope
> ================ 

too many complex words :D

> The Incubator [scope is]:
> 1 - incubation of Projects, [that is, the incubation of communities]
>     that wish to become Apache Projects (TLP)
> 2 - assistance of projects that are importing new codebases and new sets
>     of committers that formed an outside community, when requested
>     by the project doing the "import" 


  2 - working with existing TLPs that are bringing in new codebases and/or
    existing communities to help that TLP do its "subproject" "incubation"

> 3 - definition of and maintainance of the policy projects should use
>     when importing external codebases, therefore creating a clear
>     audit trail for all donations 


 3 - definition and maintainance of all policies and procedures that
    surround incubation

problem: no definition of "incubation".

> Incubation of [Potential Top-Level-Projects]
> =============================================================
> = PPMC =
> To make Incubating project learn to govern themselves and govern 
> themselves at the same time, each project gets a PPMC, that is a 
> Project PMC (is this right?)

imho no :D. Let's just call it PPMC and let the meaning of the
abbreviation be lost with history!

> that works similarly to a PMC but refers to the Incubator PMC instead 
> of the board. 

                                                               ^^^ 'reports'

and that's how far I got with my comments last time. I'm sure I have
more comments on the rest :D


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