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From Leo Simons <>
Subject Re: projects incubated by the incubator PMC
Date Tue, 09 Dec 2003 10:10:03 GMT
Jason van Zyl wrote:

>I would propose those documents be changed to state that what is
>outlined above is a prerequisite for entry into the incubator.
>Is this something that requires a member vote as it affects everyone
>here because the production of useful software is what we're doing here
>at Apache so I think all members should have a say WRT to software
>entering Apache.
I would think it normally requires a PMC vote. However,
I don't think the PMC is going to agree to it, given it
previously agreed to a different set of guidelines.

AIUI, members can overrule any PMC or board decision at any
time, but I hope that's not going to happen. Rather, IMHO,
interested members should seek PMC membership and work
with it rather than around it. You know, collaboration, consensus,
yada yada.

Really, why make such a big deal out of this? You have an
opinion, others have a different opinion. Arguments pro and
con are clear to everyone involved, yet opinions do not
change. So let's de-escalate this, get you on the Incubator PMC,
move on.

>Projects should not come here without having contacted the board (in the
>case of a TLP proposal) or a TLP. Any other case should be unacceptable.
That's in direct contradiction of the charter given to the
Incubator PMC (which does happen to include somewhere
about 5 board members). The only one who can change
a charter is the board, or the collective members, right?
Given the responses given here by some of the board
members already, I doubt the board feels like it.

back to my corner!



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