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From Leo Simons <>
Subject Re: projects incubated by the incubator PMC
Date Mon, 08 Dec 2003 09:18:09 GMT
Jason van Zyl wrote:

>What's going to happen with AltRMI and the FtpServer? They just sit in
>the incubator indefinitely? There's no IP issues as these came from
>within Apache anyway? If an incubated codebase has no slated home within
>then I would ask how it even landed here in the first place?
Both AltRMI and FtpServer started inside avalon, ie

Apache Jakarta Avalon Excalibur AltRMI and
Apache Jakarta Avalon Applications FtpServer

it was decided at some point that avalon had too much code that did not
really 'fit', and we endevoured to figure out what to do with it. Some of
it went to jakarta-commons, some of it went to be (part of) a sourceforge
project, some was simply removed. With AltRMI and FtpServer, the
feeling was that they were good codebases that would make fine projects
inside apache.

Since, at that time, avalon couldn't quite figure out where these two
should go, that decision was delegated to the Incubator.

All of this happened before rigid thoughts about the incubator process
were formed. If these project were to come in now, I am sure that we
would have tried to answer some of these questions earlier.

That was background. So where do they go now? Well, allthough it
has not been discussed much, I think the general plan has been 'wait
and see how these develop, and make the decision later'. The point
about later not transforming into 'indefinitely' is a good one, but I
think something like a '6-month rule' is not a good plan. Individual
cases need individual attention. If that wasn't the case, we could just
automate the process.

I think its a good idea to start a discussion about what we want to do
with AltRMI and FtpServer, but guys, could we please do so in a bit
less of an 'argument mode' and more of a 'problem solver' mode?

>My point in raising this discussion is to focus on Ruper as it's a small
>tool with no final landing destination as far as I can tell. I wasn't
>paying attention to lists, was away for a few days and came back to see
>it being mentored/helped by the Incubator itself.
>I voted +1 making the silly assumption that a destination was required. 
>To my knowledge Nicola has made attempts to have projects like
>Centipede, Ruper be absorbed into Apache via Ant and those haven't been
>successful so I am assuming that's probably still the case (someone feel
>free to correct me if I'm wrong). Adam Jack contacted me personally just
>to shoot the shit about Ruper and I told him his code would be welcome
>in Maven.
>If the code has no final destination then I am a very strong -1 to the
>code being accepted.
why? Fear of becoming another sourceforge? Fear of dead codebases?
The former will not happen if the Incubator does its job (which should be
assumed :D), the latter is very easily remedied.


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