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From Sam Ruby <>
Subject Re: [RT] Incubator Reorg
Date Wed, 03 Dec 2003 13:15:04 GMT
Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:
>> 2) Suppose I write 50K lines of code and it lives on sourceforge for a 
>> year.  Maven takes a liking to it and I contribute it (and in the 
>> process am made a committer).  Clearly a software grant is required, 
>> but is a PPMC needed or does the incubator need to be involved?
> If the code will go in Maven a PPMC is not needed.
> If the code will go in a subproject of Maven with mostly existing 
> committers, a PPMC is not needed.
> If the code will create a new community based mostly on external 
> contributors, a PPMC is needed.
> In essence, a PPMC is needed for new communities made of new committers, 
> not for new codebases per se. In this case it's evident that the 
> Incubator is needed.

Two points.

Clearly the incubator is needed in this scenario so that the software 
grant can be independently audited.  But is a PPMC needed in order to 
teach me "The Apache Way"?  I would have thought that my credentials 
would have been established by now.  :-P

Second, what exactly is this "new community" notion that you are putting 
forward?  Think carefully about your answer as the board does not 
recognize any finer granularity of community than the project and the 
mandate of the incubator was established by the board.

I also didn't think that this is the type of notion that you wished to 
encourage.  Note that the current trend is to make all sustained and 
active committers to all projects members of the associated PMC - 
witness the continued growth in size of the Jakarta PMC as well as the 
number of full fledged projects spun off from same.

I maintain that if I were made an active committer in Maven by virtue of 
this hypothetical donation (and therefore eligable to become a member of 
the Maven PMC, perhaps immediately or perhaps after a few month delay), 
that no PPMC would be neccessary or appropriate.

- Sam Ruby

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