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From Matt Liotta <>
Subject donation of project
Date Sun, 21 Dec 2003 00:18:13 GMT
I am not sure if this the correct place, so if not I would hope someone 
could point me in the correct direction. Additionally, I am not 
subscribed to this list, so please reply directly.

My company is interested in donating a project to the Apache 
Foundation. Specifically, we have created an updated HTML editor kit 
for Java 1.4 that supports the latest W3C standards for both HTML and 
CSS. The JDK currently only supports HTML 3 and CSS 1. Additionally, we 
have created a test harness for the editor kit that implements 
functionality very similar to Macromedia Contribute. If nothing else, I 
believe the editor kit as a component by itself will be useful for the 
Java community at large. However, I also believe that the test harness 
would prove to be a good starting point for CMS client.

Let me know about the interest level associated with this proposed 

Matt Liotta
Montara Software, Inc.

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