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From Rodney Waldhoff <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Re: request for incubation: axion database project
Date Thu, 18 Dec 2003 19:13:19 GMT
On Thu, 18 Dec 2003, Greg Stein wrote:

> The Board spoke about this topic for nearly 45 minutes yesterday at our
> Board meeting. We started to come up with some guidelines for when a
> project needs incubation, or when a PMC can directly handle it itself. We
> need to work through that on the Board's mailing list for a bit, and then
> we'll send out our official recommendation.
> One of the main points to make is that we *will* support PMCs doing some
> "mild incubation", if you will. Specifically, when the incoming codebase
> only needs some IP audit/checklist types of actions. The PMC Chair will be
> required to do that personally, and then deliver the completed checklist
> to the Incubator for filing/storage.

Can you and/or the board provide more information on how to determine if a
project requires "mild" incubation or "not-mild" incubation?

> The simple fact is that the PMCs used to "do this by themselves" and they
> *screwed* it up.

In what way was this "screwed up"?  Are there/were there specific IP
issues this refers to?

> Therefore, the Incubator was created to ensure that we stopped having
> these IP problems. Therefore, you also don't get a choice on handling
> incoming codebases until the Board provides modified instructions to the
> Incubator and the PMCs.
> Yes, that sucks, but IP concerns are #1 for the ASF. And we cannot allow
> what used to happen before the Incubator was created. Note that we still
> still IP problems here and there, but that is based on the failures of the
> PMCs to step in and take action when the committers blithely create
> problems. Some PMCs are more rigorous than others, thankfully.

+1 on not having IP problems.

> -g

- Rod <>

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