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From "Roy T. Fielding" <>
Subject Re: projects incubated by the incubator PMC
Date Tue, 09 Dec 2003 01:43:32 GMT
> I also don't think it's really that much work on the behalf of a 
> project
> trying to enter Apache to do a little leg work in resolving that before
> entering.

I didn't say they shouldn't try -- I said it wasn't necessary.
As far as I am concerned, no existing project should be allowed
to create autonomous subprojects.  That means code which is not
destined for an existing project needs a temporary home until such
a time when the board feels it is ready to be autonomous.  Hence,
incubator was created to be a halfway house in addition to documenting
the transition of IP.

> Clearly there should be some interest within Apache for the code to be
> accepted. Either at the board level where things like Geronimo and Eve
> have been discussed where upon successful incubation the project moves
> to its designated TLP location. The other case being where some contact
> has been made with one of the TLPs to accept the code upon successful
> incubation.

It already requires participation of a member and a vote within the
incubator PMC, which is supposed to consist of all of the Apache members
who are interested in new project incubation.  The board tries to avoid
making technical decisions on behalf of the members.

> I would propose those documents be changed to state that what is
> outlined above is a prerequisite for entry into the incubator.

-1.  If the TLPs were supposed to be divisions of technology then
Maven would not be a TLP.  The only thing that distinguishes a TLP
from a piece of code adrift in cyberspace is that there exists a set
of people capable of governing themselves while collaborating on
development of that code.  Once that point is reached, the project
should be released from whatever bounds it happens to be within.

Your suggestion would require the board to do what it has already
assigned to the incubator, which the board specifically decided to
delegate in order to get more members interested in the process.


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