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From Rich Bowen <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Official Name for "Geronimo" Project
Date Sun, 30 Nov 2003 00:10:16 GMT
On 29 Nov 2003, Jason van Zyl wrote:

> Of course I'm listening and am also asking you to think. It's
> controversial for a reason: most likely it's because some indigenous
> peoples find the use of their names in some contexts to be derogatory or
> offensive. I'm just asking people to think if in this context it could
> even be remotely seen controversial.

Unfortunately, yes. The PC movement that started as a few marginal
loonies has picked up steam and taken our entire culture with it. (Here
"our" refers to the USA, of course. I can't speak for other nations.)
Certain concepts are controversial, regardless of context. Certain words
are offensive when used by the wrong people, regardless of context.

Appropriating the name "Geronimo" for our uses will cause, and has
caused, controversy. I am not easily offended. I an anything but
politically correct. I find political correctness to be the enemy of
intelligent discourse. However, I don't see any value in getting our
organization embroiled in such controversy.

Rich Bowen -
There's more than one way to eat a rhesus

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