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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject RE: Editing STATUS file
Date Mon, 17 Nov 2003 06:37:40 GMT
> I did this so that it's easier to start a project status file and keep
> track of it. I did not update the STATUS files though, as we need a new
> format for them.

> @see

Is there a difference between the project status file and the STATUS file?
The paragraph above seems to suggest that they are different.

> Unfortunately, [earlier changes break] the layout as I intended to have:
>   incubator/projects/projectname.cwiki  (status file)
>   incubator/projects/projectname/**     (site)[1]
> In fact [1] is where altrmi and ftpserver and geronimo are publishing
> their site.

How's about if we do it as:

  incubator/projects/$project.cwiki         (status file)
  incubator/projects/$project/status.cwiki  (alt status file)
  incubator/projects/$project/**            (incubator resources)
  incubator/$projectname                    (project web-site)

That would keep each project web-site and incubator resources totally
separate, and leaves us with room for incubation documents such as the ones
for geronimo.

That is similar to your other layouts.  So we just need to settle on one,
and do it.  :-)

> Let's finish a new version of the status file, and start using
> that for the Directory project.


That seems OK with me.  Do you have a .cwiki format for it?

	--- Noel

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