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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject RE: Generated sites
Date Wed, 26 Nov 2003 05:01:48 GMT
> > Migration is not built into Jira.  The XML export is for backup, not
> > migration.  I hacked a migration of the database, but we ran into
> > some problems.  Jeff, who works for Atlassian, asked if he could
> > take over the migration so that they could debug it.  So we're waiting
> > while Jeff finishes whatever he's doing related to migration.

> Why don't you just take our entire install with a real database dump and
> delete what you don't want. I'm sure with a little consultation with the
> other projects they probably wouldn't mind.

> Then you can have the whole self-contained beast up and running, who
> cares about the migration just delete what's non-apache and go from
> there. It's MySQL on both ends so probably not that big a deal.

What do you think Bob and I did?  I wrote a SQL script to massage the raw
data from codehaus.  Had that done the night you were asking on
infrastructure that we leave Maven on codehaus because you didn't want to
move at the time.

When tested all of the features, we found problems in the migration, which
Jeff wanted to look into.  One of his comments was that Jira probably did
not like a raw database migration because of some of its other quirks.  He
was going to do the same thing to the XML format that I had done to the SQL
format, and try to import that way.  I believe that the reason we haven't
heard much from him is because he got Bob's permission to take a copy of the
codehaus dump to a test machine at Atlassian, which is where he is working
on migration rather than on nagoya.

	--- Noel

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