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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject RE: Generated sites
Date Wed, 26 Nov 2003 02:34:30 GMT
> I'm just trying to draw a constrast between the way things used to be
> done here, how Bob and I do things at Codehaus and the atmosphere that
> is now here where doing anything seems to be a long drawn out, protacted
> flurry of tome-like essays between committees.

Leo and Jason were given apsite karma, given karma for the CVS modules,
given a free hand to setup the Wiki.  Whatever help they asked for they were
given.  In the middle of getting things setup, Jason relocated from Thailand
to California.  Bob was given all the access he needed to migrate the
Geronimo Wiki when it was /.'d.  You can ask him.  Leo picked up last night,
and pushed through a bunch of changes to the code.

As for Jira, there is no committee.  I have root on nagoya, and full access
to do whatever necessary, including giving accounts to whomever needed one
to help.  Serge, Bob and I worked on Jira and had it done except for bugs in
the migration process.  Yes, you can setup new installs and new projects.
That much is easy.  And if it were not for needing to import projects from
codehaus, which has to be done BEFORE setting up new local projects, we'd be
OK to bring up a new install.  Migration is not built into Jira.  The XML
export is for backup, not migration.  I hacked a migration of the database,
but we ran into some problems.  Jeff, who works for Atlassian, asked if he
could take over the migration so that they could debug it.  So we're waiting
while Jeff finishes whatever he's doing related to migration.

I'll point out the irony of yelling about infrastructure throwing up
roadblocks on the day that you asked for a change in the infrastructure,
volunteered to do the work on it, and became part of the infrastructure
team.  :-)

	--- Noel

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