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From "Conor MacNeill" <>
Subject RE: Add 'practice' PMC structure to projects in incubation
Date Wed, 26 Nov 2003 13:10:59 GMT
hi Greg,

Maybe it would be a good idea to forward this or somethign similar to the
committers list. I'd say there is a number of a committers who are not
aware of these legal issues.



> If you don't have a binding vote, then you are not responsible. The people
> *with* the binding votes are. If you make a commit, then they have the
> right to change it however they like, or to leave it. But it is at *their*
> discretion.
> And the theory is: by definition, the only binding votes [regarding a
> codebase] come from people on the PMC.
> Therefore, if you really want to have a say in the code that you're
> working on, then you want to be part of the PMC.
> All work is protected, as long as the above rules are followed. Things
> break down when non-PMC committers have votes, or the PMC is not
> exercising their discretion/oversight. In those cases, the committer is
> "acting on their own" and cannot be covered by the ASF.
> Note that while the *work* is protected, the ASF is only obligated to
> (legally) indemnify Directors, officers, and Members (see section 12.1 of
> the Bylaws). While the ASF may choose to defend PMC members, it is not
> required to do so. Thus, any committer "should" want to seek out
> Membership in the ASF or to become a PMC Chair (Chairs are officers). Also
> note that the ASF doesn't have obligations towards non-PMC committers.

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