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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: [Website] Project homepage
Date Tue, 18 Nov 2003 22:44:05 GMT

On 18 Nov 2003, at 10:15, Noel J. Bergman wrote:

> Dion Gillard wrote:
>> James Strachan wrote:
>>>> Lenya, which has a URI,,
>>>> outside of the incubator domain.
>>> Hmmm, how come Lenya got a URI? Can we have one too? I guess so if
>>> Lenya already has?
>> As an outsider, this is very confusing. Lenya 'is not an ASF 
>> project', as
>> it's being incubated, but the URL sure makes it seem like it is a sub
>> project of cocoon.
> In total fairness to Lenya, the first paragraph of their home page 
> talks
> about incubation.  However, I agree as a policy matter that the site 
> should
> be moved, with a redirect put in place, as described below.  After a 
> project
> leaves the incubator, a redirect can be put in the incubator's 
> .htaccess to
> reference its new location.
> To demonstrate the technique, and further illustrating why web-sites 
> should
> be maintained in CVS (as Lenya's is :-)), I just issued the following
> command:
>   cvs -d \
>        checkout -d lenya cocoon-site/site/lenya
> from /www/  You will notice that a copy of the 
> lenya
> site is now at  All that is left 
> for the
> Cocoon project to do now is to place:
>   Redirect Permanent /lenya
> in .htaccess in their site root, and the location change should be
> transparent to all.  I won't do that, though.  That is a change for 
> them to
> make.
> When the lenya site is updated, someone just needs to do:
>   cd /www/
>   cvs update -Pd
> rather than doing the exact same thing in /www/
> The process is simple, and should not be disruptive to their progress 
> at
> all.  It is actually rather cool that things can be this simple.
> 	--- Noel
> cc: lenya-dev@

The process is simple, yes, but it would break all the links to Lenya.

When we started lenya, the rules of the incubator were not there yet, 
so we took lenya closer to the community that it depends on.

Before breaking all the links, I would like to know if the above is 
just a suggestion or a rule that incubated projects have to follow.

NOTE: I'm just wondering. I'm not criticizing or anything, just curious.


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