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From Geir Magnusson Jr <>
Subject Resolution of inconsistencies in CVS
Date Fri, 21 Nov 2003 15:27:48 GMT
On Wednesday, November 19, 2003, an inconsistency was noted in the  
Geronimo CVS, and thus it was taken offline for examination.  Once all  
data was captured and a cursory examination was made, it was determined  
that the CVS repository was able to be returned to public access.

The issue was that a jboss package name was noticed in a commit message  
but could not be found in the CVS history.  The reference is in the  
file,  the code snippet :

       public static final String NEWLINE =  

and can be found in this commit :

This was in the first version of imported by Jason Dillon.  
  This class was one from a previous project of his, and had been  
contributed by him to Jboss as well. 

The two files are identical except that there is a compare() method  
added to the Geronimo file, and some additional methods related to  
making URLs.  These two differences are accounted for in the subsequent  
patches to the Jboss version, committed by Jason.  Thus, it appears  
that Jason does have the right to re-license this code under the ASL  
for Geronimo.

The referenced file, org.jboss.util.platform.Constants,  was also  
contributed from by Jason to JBoss, and thus can also be relicensed  
under the ASL.

After investigating (thanks for help and input from Noel, Dirk and  
others who might want to remain nameless), and a conversation with  
Jason, I draw the following conclusions :

1) Jason contributed the code to the Geronimo project and had the right  
to do so.
2) He made the mistake of forgetting to change the package name for the  
LINE_SEPARATOR constant in before he imported the code.
3) Once he noticed the problem, he felt the best course was to simply  
remove the ,v file and re-import to reduce the chance of confusion and  
questions later. [hah!]

Thus, I believe that we have no problem.  My guess is that if he had  
brought up the issue when he first imported, he would have been advised  
to do generally the same thing :  remove the ,v, and on the subsequent  
import note that this was the a 're-import', so that any future reviews  
of the commit stream and CVS history could account for the discrepancy.

Thanks again for all the work contributed by everyone to solve this.   
I'm especially sorry that this interfered with the demonstration of the  
Pet Store running in Geronimo, but given the uncertainty at the time,  
we had no choice.

Onwards to certification!


Geir Magnusson Jr                                   203-247-1713(m) 

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