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From Reini Urban <>
Subject Re: ANNOUNCE: SpamAssassin working to join Apache Software Foundation
Date Fri, 07 Nov 2003 14:28:17 GMT
Justin Mason schrieb:
> We're requesting your permission to contribute your code to the Apache
> Software Foundation.  We're trying to become a part of the ASF and your
> okay is needed (or we'll need to remove your code and with nearly 200
> individual contributors, we don't look forward to that prospect).  Here's
> the form, there's a fax number and address where you can send it:

just returned from holidays.
someone obviously removed the fax sheet at this url.
could someone please check this?

the url must be okay, it is also listed in the commiters faq:

> And if you don't want to contribute your code, just speak up, and we'll
> promptly remove it.
> (If you didn't contribute code, oops.  Consider it over-attribution
> in our record-keeping.)
> The long version
> ----------------
> The SpamAssassin development team intends to become part of the Apache
> Software Foundation <>.  We are now working on the
> final steps required before the Apache Software Foundation can approve
> our request.
> We believe that this transition will benefit the SpamAssassin community in
> a variety of ways.  The ASF is a great organization and their philosophy
> is very in tune with ours.  They also have the know-how and infrastructure
> necessary to help us with various aspects (technical, legal, and so on) of
> our project that are difficult in an informal organization such as ours.
> To initiate this transition, all the major developers and copyright
> holders, including Network Associates, have agreed to license their code
> to the ASF.  (Granting copyright is also available as an option, but is
> not necessary.)
> We now ask the remaining contributors of code to grant similar permission
> so that their code contributions can be brought into the new project.
> This will require that each of these contributors fill out an Apache
> Contributor License Agreement:
> If you are a contributor, please fax or mail the contributor license back
> to the ASF as per the instructions in the agreement form, **as soon as
> possible**.  When you send it in, please also notify us at 
> <>.
> I also want to stress that if you are not comfortable having your past
> contribution go to the ASF, please speak up and we will immediately honor
> your request and remove your code.  Please also feel free to email the ASF
> board of directors <> if you feel the need to escalate any
> such request.
> If you have any other questions, send mail to <>
> because we may have accidentally overlooked your code contribution!
Reini Urban

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