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From "Alex Karasulu" <>
Subject RE: [Possible Incubation] Apache Repo
Date Sat, 08 Nov 2003 03:13:07 GMT

I'm afraid to get in the middle of this but I just wanted to give my
perspective on it.  

> > If you want to call it "Incubating Ruper and have others join" it's ok
> > for me, as my initial idea is to use Ruper as a starting codebase, and
> > have others add stuff, but I didn't want to make this a prerequisite
> > for a Repo project.
> This really smells like an extension and abstraction of what Maven
> provides and initiated. Why not do this effort under their umbrella?

Perhaps this could just be a Maven sub project, however because of 
the interest the concept of a repository has across the board, I think
it should be incubated to attract people from the many corners of Apache
and outside of Apache.  The incubator is a good place to attract people
and grow a community just around the repo concept.  The lower barrier to 
entry for committers makes it more hmmmm nurturing of a community.

I think the important thing is to end up with one de facto standard rather
than have duplicated code doing the same thing all over the place.  Use as
Jason suggested decorators to enable any specific uses of the repository
to stretch it for the various needs different groups may have.

In the end Apache should be the winner.  People should go to Apache to
get the library in one place.  You don't want to confuse users with
multiple implementations.  One at Avalon, another in Maven and so on.  
The incubator gives this initiative a clean start inviting all the 
players - it's a chance to make it a bit more open to people like myself.
Incubation will let me put my two cents in and I know you would 
appreciate that in terms of the openness the incubator opens to attract
new people.

Once the community is formed put it back into maven.  But keep it 
there.  Don't have a repo at Avalon and XYZ and so on.

Again I can't help but volunteer my 2 cents.


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