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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Incubate Apache Repo
Date Tue, 25 Nov 2003 00:43:23 GMT
Noel wrote:

> +1 if you mean to incubate a particular project, since it seems that you
> have a set of codebases and a community to start.
> However, unless it is willing to be more inclusive of other related
> projects, I don't think that it should be permitted to refer to itself as
> the Apache Repository project.  It is a single instance of such a client
> tool.  Mind you, I would like to see collaboration between these projects,
> Avalon and Maven.

+1 to all you said.

I wasn't going for the name "Apache Repository" for exactly that reason.

I don't know who in Avalon to speak to, I didn't know they had a client [I
thought just contents/repository]. I'll try to find out.

I'm game to collaborate w/ Maven (Wagon, I beleive it is to be called) but
I'm not sure if there is enough overlap in goals [albeit the concept is
similar]. I've subscribed to the mailing list, and am eagerly waiting to see
code/site 'cos I'm not sure if this is intended as Maven-only or generic. If
it is generic (1. in terms of environments -- ant tasks, Eclipse/IDE
plugins, command line tools, 2. in terms of repository contents [not just
things built by Maven], 3. Metadata -- not just POM) then great, let's
combine. But, if the goal is Maven-only, it seems rude to try to defocus
them onto the generic. It'd lower their bar & increase their workload. Heck,
guess I ought just CC their new mailing list...



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