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From Berin Lautenbach <>
Subject Re: Common naming accross policy/process/roles
Date Tue, 28 Oct 2003 10:02:55 GMT
Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:

> Hmmm... policy... guidance... really, I may seem paranoid, but they 
> don't spark a clear distinction in my head.

Guideance to me is not a word that I would take to mean that something 
is a set of rules.  It definitely sparks a very clear distinction for me.

> I want to see a single document, not more. Just one.
> Call it Process, call it Policy, call it Rules, but just one.

I think we are both agreeing here?  I want one normative document and 
everything else is non-normative.  Currently I've called that the policy 

The process document (or whatever we are going to call it) is guideance, 
howto - whaever you want to call it - but in particular it is 
*non-normative*.  I called it Process_Description because that's what it 
is - it describes the process, not because I wanted two normative documents.

I've tried to draw a very clear distinction in all my e-mails that there 
is one main document (that I've been calling normative, or the policy) 
only.  Everything else (such as the process document or roles and 
responibilities) is purely as an aid to end users.  Nothing more.

> Proposal:
>  - add a HOWTO section
>  - rename Process_Description to Incubation_HOWTO
>  - make a HOWTO doc from each paragraph of ROLES_AND_RESPONSIBILITIES
> Why an I so keen on "HOWTO"? Because HOWTOS are well known to be 
> non-normative.

I must admit, I'm not so keen on making everything a HOWTO - mainly 
because that implies a certain kind of document.

If we want to make sure something is non-normative, it's very simple 
(and appropriate) to put a rider paragraph in it stating that where it 
conflicts with the policy, the policy over-rides.  That's a common 
approach and gets over having to worry too much about what names we use.

In particular, I like calling the process description a "Process 
Description" because that is exactly what it is.

However - I have absolutely no wish to drag this out.  Given (I think) 
we have a general understanding that there is only one normative 
document, for the rest, whatever the general agreement is in terms of 
names, I'll run with it.

And as a final thought - I *hate* e-mail for these kinds of things. 
Give me a face-to-face meeting or a teleconference anyday.


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