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From Stephen McConnell <>
Subject Re: Common naming accross policy/process/roles
Date Mon, 27 Oct 2003 23:34:33 GMT

Berin Lautenbach wrote:

> Leo Simons wrote:
>> Hi gang,
>> Okay, okay, I'm exaggerating. Its real cool there's people
>> volunteering to write all this stuff, and the drafts are not
>> *that* formal. I'm just suggesting we make it easy for ourselves
>> and don't try to write "perfect" and "waterproof" docs. We just
>> need "good enough".
>> back to my corner!
> :>.  But I'll bite.  It's because you might be clear, the PMC might be 
> clear and the board might be clear on what incubation is, but it is 
> still truly astounding how much argument can be generated *every time* 
> a project comes into incubation over items that should be simple and 
> easy, and that everyone has agreed on in the past!
> I've also been involved in standard review processes in other lives, 
> and it also amazing (but understandable) how much bitterness and heat 
> can be generated by different projects/products following different 
> review paths.  If we document the requirements as we create them then 
> firstly it's easier for those on the PMC down the track, and secondly 
> there is something that everyone can point to and say "this is what 
> was done in the past".
> It's almost due-diligence on behalf of the incubator.  It has been 
> given a task by the board.  How can it show it is performing that task 
> adequately in each case if it cannot go back to a normative reference? 

Well said!


> Cheers,
>     Berin
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Stephen J. McConnell

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