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From Berin Lautenbach <>
Subject Common naming accross policy/process/roles
Date Sat, 25 Oct 2003 04:49:39 GMT

In line with what I have seen in the last couple of weeks on preferred 
terms I have updated the Policy/Process and Roles and Responsibilities 
documents so that we have :

Champion (was Sponsor) - the Apache Member (or member of a Sponsoring 
PMC) who champions a new candidate prior to being accepted by a Sponsor.

Sponsor (was Sponsoring Entity) - the PMC or Board that accepts a 
candidate for incubation.

Mentor (was Shepherd) - the responsible Apache Member who works with a 
podling to see it through the incubation process.

As an aside - am getting an error :

Cannot open /home/cvs/CVSROOT/commitlogs/incubator: Permission denied

I suspect it's because I am not a member of the incubator group, but 
before I go to infrastructure@, I'm not sure whether I should be a member?


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