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From Berin Lautenbach <>
Subject Re: Re: incubator, exit and publication
Date Mon, 29 Sep 2003 03:28:05 GMT

Firstly - apologies for getting the wrong end of 
the stick.  Assumed this was Incubator.  (Never
assume as the old saying goes.)

Had a quick read through.  Will be great to have a
skeleton in place for PMCs to build on.

I wonder if there is a need for two documents?
Firstly a board approved document that lays down
minimum requirements on PMCs (e.g. voting for
releases etc.).  Should be *very* simple, and be
updated only when a particular issue that crosses
all PMCs be voted on by the board.

The second being the document you have started,
which becomes an "easy start" guide for new
projects.  Incorporates the requirements of the
board, so that new projects can be sure they are
meeting the expectations of the board.


> From: Rodent of Unusual Size <Ken.Coar@Golux.Com>
> Subject: Re: incubator, exit and publication
> Date: 29/09/2003 0:59:47
> To:
> Rodent of Unusual Size wrote:
> > 
> > under a draft prototype set of pmc bylaws, probably.  i'm
> > working on one now that i should be able to post in a couple
> > of hours.
> well, thanks to mozilla crashing, and the wiki not treating
> 'preview' as meaning 'display but don't store even temporarily',
> i lost everything i had done on this and had to try to recreate
> it.  it's still not as far along as it was before the crash,
> but what i've drafted so far (and am still working on) is at
> just an attempt to try to identify general common practices, and
> identify specific issues that have come up in the past.
> more to go..
> -- 
> #ken	P-)}
> Ken Coar, Sanagendamgagwedweinini  http://Golux.Com/coar/
> Author, developer, opinionist      http://Apache-Server.Com/
> "Millennium hand and shrimp!"
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