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From Paul Hammant <>
Subject Re: We want to donate a XML / Cocoon / EJB / WebStart - based CMS
Date Fri, 29 Aug 2003 07:39:10 GMT

>Yes, thats ok. I just want to make sure that at least one of our
>developers needs to be a committer for the project.
A small problem....

Apache is concerned that teams arrive, and healthy communitys form and 
continue. The manner in which the project arrives drives how many (if 
any) committers arrive.

If you are donating code to an existing project (project at the level of 
a build file) it is likely that the code will arrive before the 
committers do.  The normal rule of thumb for a person submitting patches 
on an frequent basis to a project is that after a few months they may be 
proposed and voted on for committer status. For a person that donates a 
considerable amount of code or someone who's already an Apache committer 
it could be shortened I guess.  Tis a little muddy concerning a group 
who donate code to a project.

For group/projects applying for Apache project status themselves (under 
Incubator, Cocoon, etc etc), the team would all arrive (or a sensible 
subset of people active for the last six months of the project in its 
prior incarnation). They'd fill out the forms and get accounts. A aulity 
control should be applied by the team to only really take the people who 
are active. The polite thing to do one exit from, say, sourceforge would 
be for all in the team to agree who is dropping off the project before 
arrival to Apache. An assumption of course that the project is accepted 
on application.  Please do your research (mail archives etc), before 
embarking on this route.

The point is that "I just want to make sure that at least one of our 
developers needs to be a committer for the project" is not a usual 
posting. You have to be mindful that the community around the code (for 
new projects) is more important that the code or the needs of one 
person. And mindful that a collection of classes to and existing 
codebase is just a large patch.  As such and "..I need.." and " 
developer.." is undesirable wordage.

I'm not trying to discourage, just set expectations.


- Paul H
(with Nicola, Incubator PMC member)

-- -> The art of heavy lifting.
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