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From Marcin Maciukiewicz <>
Subject Re: We want to donate a XML / Cocoon / EJB / WebStart - based CMS
Date Thu, 28 Aug 2003 20:35:18 GMT

SMK> Hello,

SMK> we've developed a XML-based Content Management System based on different
SMK> technologies like Cocoon, EJB, JBoss and a WebStart Client Application.
SMK> It is in our interest, that we contribute this project with about
SMK> 200.000 Lines of Code to the Apache Foundation. I've also seen the fax
SMK> from the Incubator Project, that contains the Agreement how we can
SMK> contribute. I'm just interested, how we can do that. It is still
SMK> important for us, that we can commit to the CVS and are getting the
SMK> leadership of this project - is this the normal way how code will be
SMK> conributed? Is there any code-review before we can contribute the code?
SMK> Thanks a lot for all the other Apache Projects and this will be a big
SMK> thank you back for the community.

SMK> Regards,

SMK> Sascha-Matthias Kulawik
SMK> JuwiMacMillan Group GmbH

SMK> P.S.: The Name of the Product is "ConQuest", it's current Home Page is
SMK> and it is already in use at some customers of
SMK> us.

Maybe you should start from Many great projects are there.
It gives you ability to show your code to all OS community and get more contributors.
jakarta-poi for example started like this (if I good remember).
Registration process for new project take only few minutes:)


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