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From "Sascha-Matthias Kulawik" <>
Subject !AW: AW: AW: We want to donate a XML / Cocoon / EJB / WebStart - based CMS
Date Thu, 28 Aug 2003 21:02:53 GMT

> > Yes, that's possible. But however, my main focus is to code this 
> > project into the future. So it would be really nice to become an 
> > Apache (Sub-)Project and find some really interested contributors.
> I, for one, am very interested in CMS (though I have to say 
> that I don't 
> believe J2EE and CMS mix really well). 

Why Do you think so? :) 
It was not easy but I think the structure is pretty good. (For judge
this it might be better to see the code or a "big picture")

> It's pretty hard, however, to 
> judge your software based on the resources we can see from here (a 
> german web site and a webstart admin tool which requires a 
> password). So 

Yes, you're right, the Website is german. Thats why I just want to start
with the "process" and do the remaining stuff for that donation in that

Because of ongoing server problems you can test the Application under: 
To get access to the Admin Tool try following:
User: BT
Passwd: test

> Count on me at least for an evaluation: I can't help much 
> since I'm just 
> an ASF committer and not a member, but I'll be happy anyway 
> to see if I 
> can do anything useful.

Yes, that you very much, this sounds pretty good!



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