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From "Sascha-Matthias Kulawik" <>
Subject AW: AW: We want to donate a XML / Cocoon / EJB / WebStart - based CMS
Date Thu, 28 Aug 2003 18:20:57 GMT

> > No, it is also in our interest, you're right :) It is a 
> little bit of 
> > "we want to give the community something back", something of 
> > "reputation", some interest of good ideas of other 
> developers and so 
> > on.
> The primary work area for incubating ASF projects should be the 
> community around a project. So in general, it is deemed a 

Yes, you're right. But isn't it also important to get a good idea behind
and a good codebase? :)

> In this particular case, this would mean you should be thinking about 
> how to attract new developers right now. They won't come 
> automagically 

Ok, currently we're three developers. 

> Also, I believe there is an inverse relationship 
> between the size of a given codebase, and the number of possible 
> contributors it can attract. 
> For large codebases, there might be too 
> much to learn, and too many things already been decided upon, that 
> potential new contributors can be scared away, if the 
> incubating project 
> doesn't spend enough time on these critical aspects.

Might be - but it was still designed to change a lot in future, there
are several modules who can be changed and so on. And also there is a
lot to do for the next major release - I just wanted to code a fully
plugin functionality and therefor it has to be changed about 30% of the
existing code as well. I think there is a lot to change, a lot of new
modules possible and also a lot to do and everybody who is interested in
J2EE and Webapplications will be interested in contributing.
Maybe it is only important to take a look at it - it is really not
compareable with existing systems based on web-administration.
I think it is a little bit like James or Eclipse, there is a lot of
stuff already done, but this is only the first step to start on. 
My Idea is to use this step and build everything on you can imagine.
Currently Cocoon is used for rendering, but it is so modular that you
also can render directly in static HTML Files or something else. If you
know Interwoven Teamsite - right like this - but much more powerful.
So I would be really happy to show it anybody who might have interest
and to enthuse him to help me build on it.

And the next aspect, it uses as much Apache Software as you can get :)
So currently it uses Axis, Cocoon, Xerces, Xalan, Commons, Log4J, Ant,
... :)

> Anyway, even though I might sound a bit pessimistic, I just wanted to 
> warn you that the process of acceptance and incubation might 
> be longer 
> than you would expect.

Yes, that's possible. But however, my main focus is to code this project
into the future. So it would be really nice to become an Apache
(Sub-)Project and find some really interested contributors.



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