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Subject Re: Invitation to xmlbeans-dev
Date Thu, 31 Jul 2003 14:13:49 GMT

Personally, I'm undecided about Steven Noels request to become
a committer. In the same way that I am a relative unknown to
you, Steven and Ted are new acquaintances. In fact, all of the
current committers are new acquaintances to me. So my dilemma is
do I say, "Bring 'em on, the more the merrier" or do I say, "Why
don't we wait until the current committers have bonded before 
we add someone new." I'm straddling the fence.

I did think that Ted made a good point earlier: The ratio of BEA
to non-BEA committers is high and adding committers at this point
could be interpreted as "padding".

I'd love to hear how the other committers feel. Perhaps that will
tip me to one side or the other.


Ken Kress                           
SAS, The Bank of New York                            484.605.4834

07/30/2003 10:57 PM
Please respond to general

        Subject:        Re: Invitation to xmlbeans-dev

> From: Ted Leung <>

> I have a question about your request.   The existing ASF people here, 
> you, me, and some of the interested others are here to help with the 
> community aspects (among others) of the project.  Part of the Apache Way 

> is that we admit committers based on their merits.   Right now, no one 
> outside Cliff's list of commiters has submitted a single patch for 
> XMLBeans.  I am uncomfortable with *me* having commit rights to xmlbeans 

> when I haven't submitted any patches (the only justification for me 
> having them is that I'm the sponsoring member, FWIW).   That's one 

Personally I'd support your view - we are putting 
all these requirements and spending a lot of time
talking about community - we should practice
what we preach :>.

Having said that - the flip side is that you and
Steve are the two people who *have* put in a lot
of effort into this to date.  There might not be
any code base patches that you have submitted, but
there is a *lot* of work been done helping Cliff
and the team getting to this point.

An open question to xmlbeans-dev - what do the 
initial 9 committers think?


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