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From "Roy T. Fielding" <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Policy for incubating project resources (was Re: xmlbeans project )
Date Tue, 29 Jul 2003 21:50:41 GMT
> I've no issue with rules, except when we say we have rules but can't 
> articulate them.  Example #1. What should the names of the mailing 
> lists and CVS be? or 

We don't have that rule.  Nicola Ken suggested creating such a rule.

My opinion is that we will continue to meander around until someone
who gives a rat's ass about some new project volunteers to set up
the incubation process.  Right now, nobody even wants to chair the PMC
because anyone who attempts to lead is shot down and everyone who wants
to create a new project is unwilling to work on documenting its 

In other words, there are insufficient volunteers to accept any new
projects at Apache right now.  Please come back at a later date, or
volunteer to do the work and I'll give you cvs access.

> I am here representing the XML PMC.   I've been *waiting* for the 
> incubator PMC to make up its mind on how to name projects, and now I 
> am *waiting* for infrastructure to create some resources (and yes, I 
> know they are busy with minotaur, and I am cutting them some slack).  
> I'm not willing to cut the high and mighty incubator PMC some slack 
> for rules and policy that should have been in place for a year and the 
> failure to document such..   It's fine for us to come out with the 
> high and mighty Apache way, but when we don't have basic stuff like 
> this in order it makes us look bad.  As a n ASF member, member of 2 
> PMCs, and former PMC chair, I find this to be an embarassment.   If 
> the incubator is incapable of doing its job then maybe an ASF member 
> needs to introduce a resolution calling for its dissolution.

None of those are the job of the incubator PMC.  They are all decisions
that anyone with commit access can make, or at least document to the
point where other people start complaining (at which point a decision
might need to be made, but more likely will just be resolved on this
list by the people working on incubation).  There is nothing high and
mighty about the PMC -- it doesn't even decide what gets incubated.

Do you want me to be chair of incubator?  At least then you won't have
to worry about indecisiveness.


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