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From "Cliff Schmidt" <>
Subject Proposal: XMLBeans
Date Thu, 03 Jul 2003 01:41:38 GMT

I would like to propose a new subproject to further develop XMLBeans, which is a Java-XML
binding tool that also allows low-level access to the full XML instance Infoset.  The technology
was developed by BEA, but we believe this work could potentially be a good fit for either
the Jakarta or the XML communities.  

Please see for a detailed proposal,
which I've also copied below.


'''Proposal for an XMLBeans subproject in Apache XML or Jakarta'''

''2 July 2003, Cliff Schmidt (''

'''(0) rationale'''

XMLBeans is an XML-Java binding tool that uses XML Schema as a basis for generating Java classes
to be used to easily access XML instance data. It was designed to provide both easy access
to XML information via convenient Java classes as well as complete access to the underlying
XML, combining the best of low-level, full access APIs like SAX and DOM with the convenience
of Java binding.

See [ BEA's quick start page] for more information.

'''(0.1) criteria'''

''Meritocracy: ''
We would very much like to see XMLBeans evolve under the meritocracy model that is used within

''Community: ''
Over the last six months, we have developed a thriving developer community to provide feedback
directly to the development team through a discussion forum.  We have invited three of the
members of the community to join us as committers, based on their contributions to the development
of the product.  We've also had thousands of users experiment with the technology.  Part of
the reason for this success has been the availability of [
sample code and thorough documentation].

''Core Developers:''
In addition to key members of the XMLBeans development team, the initial committers include
developers from outside BEA who have spent several months using XMLBeans to solve their particular
development needs.  

While XMLBeans does not currently have major dependencies on other Apache Jakarta or XML products,
we are very interested in pursuing integration.  For instance, we are looking into enabling
Xerces to be used as our XML parser.  One reason for doing this is due to the fact that we
currently use the [ Piccolo parser], and I realize that the
LGPL terms of this parser would be problematic for an Apache project.  Therefore, if it is
eventually agreed that an XMLBeans subproject in Apache would be a Good Thing, we will replace
our current parser with an alternative that uses an Apache license.

We are also aware that there is some overlap of functionality with JAXB, specifically regarding
object binding.  We would very much like to see the convergence of these two technologies.
 In fact, one of the committers has recently joined the JAXB v.2 Expert Group, in order to
facilitate this.

Finally, we are aware that the proposed WS-Commons subproject might include a JAXB proposal.
 If this subproject is approved, we would want to work closely together on any future JAXB-XMLBeans

'''(0.2) warning signs'''

''Orphaned products: ''
BEA has been receiving very positive press and customer feedback about XMLBeans and only wishes
to invest further in the development and support of this technology.

''Inexperience with open source:''
While we do not yet have any committers who are currently active in the XML or Jakarta projects,
several of them have previous experience working with open source communities.  For example,
the architect behind XMLBeans, David Bau, has built a strong community around [
Dave's Quick Search Deskbar].

''Homogenous developers:''
The current list of committers represents developers from companies such as BEA, Federal Express,
and Reuters, as well as one independent volunteer.  Of the nine committers listed below, they
work in five different states (no international committers yet).  No more than two work in
the same city.

''Reliance on salaried developers:''
* One of our committers is volunteering to work on XMLBeans.  
* Two of the committers are not paid by their employers to develop XMLBeans; however, in the
interest of full disclosure, their employers do consider XMLBeans an important technology
to their business.  
* The others are, in fact, actually paid to work on XMLBeans.
Finally, over the last six months, we have gotten interest from thousands of other developers.
 We hope to interest many of them in volunteering to contribute to this project.

''No ties to other Apache products:''
XMLBeans shares similar licensing and complementary technologies to other Apache projects.

''A fascination with the Apache brand:''
The committers are interested in developing a healthy open source community around XMLBeans,
whether Apache is the right place or not.  However, we believe that this subproject would
complement others in both the Jakarta and XML Apache projects, and would make the larger community
stronger as a result.  BEA is committed to supporting the future open source development of
XMLBeans and continuing to distribute the result of that development with future releases
of its Weblogic Workshop product.

'''(1) scope of the subproject'''

* XML Schema binding to Java classes
* Efficient, low-level XML access
* XML Schema validation

For more detailed information, see:
* [ BEA's quick start page], or
* [ XML-Journal's review of XMLBeans].

'''(2) identify the initial source from which the subproject is to be populated'''

Note: This source currently includes the [ Piccolo parser],
which is licensed under LGPL.  We are already planning to swap this out for a parser licensed
under Apache-like terms.

'''(3) identify the ASF resources to be created '''

'''(3.1) mailing list(s) '''

* xmlbeans-dev
* xmlbeans-user

'''(3.2) CVS repositories '''

* jakarta-xmlbeans or xml-xmlbeans

'''(3.3) Bugzilla '''

* jakarta xmlbeans or xml xmlbeans

'''(4) identify the initial set of committers '''

* Cezar Andrei (
* David Bau (
* Tim Hanson (
* Ken Kress (
* Laurence Moroney (
* David Remy (
* Cliff Schmidt (
* Eric Vasilik (
* Robert Wyrick (

'''(5) identify apache sponsoring individual '''

* Steven Noels (

'''(6) open issues for discussion'''

* Which community would benefit more from this work: XML or Jakarta?  
* Should XMLBeans start in the Incubator project?
* If an Incubator stage is suggested, should the process of replacing our current LGPL parser
with an Apache-compatible parser begin before or during incubation?

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