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From "Eric Vasilik" <>
Subject RE: XMLBeans incubation status file
Date Thu, 31 Jul 2003 19:22:36 GMT


My name is Eric Vasilik, and I'm one of the original developers of XmlBeans within BEA.  I
am primarily responsible for the architecture and implementation of the XML store and XmlCursor.

I will be moving the XmlBeans source code into the Apache CVS.  In order to ensure a smooth
transition of XmlBeans from the BEA version control and build system to Apache, I will be
deling with these issues:

1) add ASF copyright to all files
2) move all packages to org.apache.xmlbeans (also being able to build in an alternate package
for backward compatibility)
3) eliminate all non ASL code and library dependencies (Piccolo)

and any others which may crop up.  My goal is to drop XmlBeans into Apache CVS and simultaneously
use the Apache build within BEA's product line to avoid any duplication of the code base.

With luck I expect to check in sometime late next week.

- Eric

-----Original Message-----
From: Ted Leung []
Sent: Wednesday, July 30, 2003 2:57 PM
Subject: XMLBeans incubation status file

Hi folks,

Here's the contents of the incubator/projects/xmlbeans/STATUS file.  
It's a snapshot of where we are in the
overall incubation process.   Please add/delete and comment


Tasks for XMLBeans incubation.

* Define incubation exit criteria
* Complete License Grant agreement
* Have all committers sign CLA's
** Cezar Andrei (
** David Bau (
** Tim Hanson (
** Ken Kress (
** Laurence Moroney (
** David Remy (
** Cliff Schmidt (
** Eric Vasilik (
** Robert Wyrick (
* Relicense XML beans files with ASL 1.1
** add ASF copyright to all files
** move all packages to org.apache.xml.xmlbeans or whatever
** eliminate all non ASL code and library dependencies
* mailing list tasks
** lists-archived:
*** mbox ->
*** Eyebrowse setup
* setup xmlbeans wiki area and refactor pages to there
* configure build to match ASF style
* setup mirroring of builds
* set up to sign builds
** committer PGP keys
** committer keys signed by someone in ASF (probably twl)
* grant some comitters access to xml-site
* build xmlbeans website

Tasks completed:
* create STATUS file in incubator-cvs
* create mailing lists
** .qmail-xml-xmlbeans-cvs forward to
* create xml-xmlbeans CVS
** configure viewcvs
** commit mails ->
* setup xmlbeans bugzilla

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