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From Paul Hammant <>
Subject Incubator PMC chair.
Date Wed, 30 Jul 2003 07:14:58 GMT
Tis probably not the done thing to nominate yerself for PMC chair, but 
given that we have a vacancy, and nobody is popping my name into the 
fray, I'd like to propose me.

Who Am I ?

  * Paul Hammant? Aged 35, London based consultant
  * PMC Member for Incubator for a couple of months.
  * Apache committer for a few years.
  * Thoughtworks employee. Self appointed OSS zealot inside TW.
  * Co-Convener of GeekNight in London -
  * Frequenter of eXtreme Tuesday Club -
  * With Java since the beginning, .C# liker (boo!).

What do I stand for ?

  * Peace / Harmony
    - language that unites all, high-esteem.
  * Incubator per se (t'was me with the original imperfect ApacheForge 
  * Empowerment
  * Agile practices (though not to the preclusion of a team empowering 
itself to use RUP/Nothing for a methodology at Apache)
  * Short punchy emails (OK OK, I know)
  Any questions?

- Paul

-- -> The art of heavy lifting.
Home for many Agile practicing, Open Source activists...

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