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From Steven Noels <>
Subject Re: Discussion of Cocoon TLP Guidelines
Date Wed, 30 Jul 2003 07:01:07 GMT
On 30/07/2003 0:13 Michael Wechner wrote:

> Steven Noels wrote:
>> If it comes to (a) vote(s), anybody's opinion is appreciated, so 
>> please speak up. Binding votes about the Cocoon guidelines can be cast 
>> by Cocoon committers only - the original members of the 'founding' PMC 
>> that is.
> I guess that as long as Lenya is under incubation, Lenya committers 
> won't be able to vote, right?
> Which is fine with personally, but I think it's important to clarify 
> what you mean by *original members of the 'founding' PMC*

the situation with is that all committers can vote for 
new subproject proposals (and it needs a majority vote), and that PMC 
peeps get to vote on chapter changes IIUC

of course, we are setting everything up as we go along, and it's a bit 
of a chicken/egg problem: *we* should decide whether committers of 
incubating projects can cast binding votes in this matter, and if I 
state that such 'incubating' committers are allowed to vote on such a 
decision, well... I think the outcome would be pretty obvious ;-)

<aside type="pmc chair hat off">There's another thing about project 
incubation that kinda interests me: what happens upon incubation 
failure? To me, there's a difference between the people and the project 
involved. The subproject can fail, but committers of failed incubation 
projects can still stick around - even though committers are very much 
tied to (sub)projects. In this sense, I think any committer, even if 
this used to be for a now-failed incubating project, has been deemed 
worthy once to carry the Apache feathers, so he/she should be able to 
speak up on regulatory matters. Collaterally, since Lenya peeps are peeps with a particular interest in Cocoon, I wouldn't mind 
if they cast binding votes on the formation of the Cocoon charter.</aside>

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