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From Paul Hammant <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Policy for incubating project resources (was Re: xmlbeans project )
Date Tue, 29 Jul 2003 21:54:46 GMT

It seems there is enough discord over XMLBeans here, to warrant letting 
one slide for the sake of the peace.

If CVS is set-up, let it be as is.
If Mail lists are set-up, let them be as they are.

- - -

For future projects the PMC has decided that whilst in incubator, how 
about the following? It's refactored from prior chat, and common sense.... ?

1) is the designated email address for 
user and developer chatter. A third-party or other apache hosted mail 
list is not within the Apache spirit and the intent of Incubator as set 
up, thus is not approved.

2) CVS module will be 'incubator-subProjectName' (not with standing that 
there was some chatter about directories inside 'incubator-projects' for 
each sub project).  All code is to come from the outside and be 
relabelled and relicensed at the outset. Any modules/jars depended on 
are to be clearly listed and appropriately licensed. The project team 
bringing code to the incubator are not to leave some subtle dependency 
to an external to Apache bit of code which may be essentially under the 
control of the committers and designed for the sub-project.

3) Web sites will be hosted at  Project teams will 
desist and redirect web sites formerly the home of the project.  The new 
site hosted at Apache will not refer to any commercial or open source 
'value added' site dedicated to the new sub-project in anything other 
than a secondary links page.

4) Downloads will be hosted at Apache under the usual mechanisms

Thoughts ?

- Paul

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