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From <>
Subject Re: Invitation to xmlbeans-dev
Date Thu, 31 Jul 2003 02:57:09 GMT
> From: Ted Leung <>

> I have a question about your request.   The existing ASF people here, 
> you, me, and some of the interested others are here to help with the 
> community aspects (among others) of the project.  Part of the Apache Way 
> is that we admit committers based on their merits.   Right now, no one 
> outside Cliff's list of commiters has submitted a single patch for 
> XMLBeans.  I am uncomfortable with *me* having commit rights to xmlbeans 
> when I haven't submitted any patches (the only justification for me 
> having them is that I'm the sponsoring member, FWIW).   That's one issue.

Personally I'd support your view - we are putting 
all these requirements and spending a lot of time
talking about community - we should practice
what we preach :>.

Having said that - the flip side is that you and
Steve are the two people who *have* put in a lot
of effort into this to date.  There might not be
any code base patches that you have submitted, but
there is a *lot* of work been done helping Cliff
and the team getting to this point.

An open question to xmlbeans-dev - what do the 
initial 9 committers think?


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