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From <>
Subject Re: Re: [VOTE] Policy for incubating project resources (was Re: xmlbeans project )
Date Wed, 30 Jul 2003 04:55:01 GMT
> From: "Andrew C. Oliver" <>

> > ASF is incorporated. We have certain rules to abide to, like licensing
> > et all. And also internal rules, that you know quite well, about voting,
> > and about infrastructure policies.
> >

> And see, I don't think you're the person who should be responsible for them
> Nicola Ken.  I think the XML PMC/Steven should.  If they don't have time or
> are unable to, then the project should not be under their oversight because
> it will be their continuing responsibility.  Just because you seal the ship
> with turpentine doesn't mean it won't sink later if you never do it again.

So couldn't the incubator put the rules in place
and then put responsibility for "enforcement" (bad
word) onto the PMCs?

Maybe the Incubator PMC should actually be made up
of representatives of all other (interested?) PMCs
so that they can agree that rules/processes that
will be common accross all projects?

I.e. the Incubator project is tasked with coming
up with the process and putting all the necessary
support infrastructure in place for incubation,
but per-"podling" incubation is the responsibility
of the ultimate owner.  As a PMC shepherd, the
incubator should ensure I have everything I need
to do my work and stay in line with the broad
Foundation's requirements.

One thing I have noticed is that, on the whole,
people aren't so interested in the details of the
rules, they just want a clear direction to
ensure consistency.

Take the mailing lists as an example.  Their are
arguments for and against each option.  Can we
necessarily make a decision and know that it will
be the best in all cases?  So couldn't the
incubator put something together saying "these
approaches are all fine.  Here are the advantages
of this one, and here is the advantage of this.
The owning group/PMC/shepherd/whatever makes the

That's the best of all worlds.  It gives guideance
and direction, but doesn't mandate.


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