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From "Andreas Kuckartz" <>
Subject Re: xmlbeans project
Date Thu, 24 Jul 2003 13:42:59 GMT
Nicola Ken Barozzi <> wrote:

> >> I do not see much sense in moving mailing lists arround. Please
> >> avoid such needless work.
> Then incubating would be needless work anyhow, we would make the project
> go live as final right away 8->

I do not hope that the main sense of the incubator is to have separate
mailing lists...

> The problem is that by creating the CVS and ML space in the final
> destination, the project actually behaves itself as it was already fully
> accepted by ASF, which is *not* the case.

I agree that there is a problem but I do not like the solution. What about a
one-line automatic signature added to mails which are sent to these mailing

> Renaming a ML or a CVS module is a trivial thing to do.

While it is not a big change "trivial" is not precisely true. Subscribers
have to update their mail filters/sorting mechanisms, mail archives have to
be merged somehow (or old contributions effectively become unfindable) etc.
And sometimes one of the mailing lists or Bugzilla-entries are simply
forgotten in the process - which can lead to missed mails.


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