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From "Andrew C. Oliver" <>
Subject Re: basicPortal to incubator
Date Wed, 04 Jun 2003 12:58:37 GMT
> I hope that one day Andy or someone will write more about the "history"
> of the portion of Poi from SourceFourge. In that case, who was the
> sponsor? Stefano??
> If there're any notes (case studies) which describe the details of
> the portion of xx-Projects into Jakarta/Apache, they might be
> helpful for those who need sponsors and those who want to be
> sponsors, but do not know how to deal with these.
> (I mean, those who need to know what they should do as sponsors)
> Also, I think there will be needed any kind of "mentors" in the process
> of incubation.... this might be applied to "new committers" as well as
> "new projects". In Poi's case, who was the mentor? Nikola Ken??
> Do these above make sense?

I've written about it, several times.  You can find the last time that I
recall in my Jan 1 entry of my old blog

Fortunately, POI did not have to go through the incubator.  Its NO secret
that I think the incubator is a bad idea.

Tapestry was the first project to make it through the incubator... The
process was:

1. Tapestry petitioned Jakarta
2. Andy explained to them what they were doing wrong, attached to their
community, explained voting rules, licensing, community vs code, etc.
3. Tapestry folks adopted these and came back
4. Tapestry folks were told "you get to be our guinea pig"
5. Tapestry folks cried
6. Andy cried
7. Tapestry + Andy sucked it up and proposed to the incubator
8. The long long flamewar and trial of tears began
9. Andy + Tapestry persisted and finally the board told everyone to shut up
10. Tapestry began "incubation" which consisted of Andy + Sam and the
Tapestry folks doing things, and everyone else watching and talking about it
amongst themselves
11. Andy + Tapestry discovered some remaining licensing issues, Sander
assisted, Tapestry folks fixed them
12. Tapestry started working under GUMP
13. Andy proposed vote at Jakarta PMC, Incubator, Tapestry-dev
14. All votes passed
15. Tapestry folks petitioned Andy to get off his rump and Andy said "When I
get into town...when I get into town"
16. Andy went to Mt. Evans,CO to meditate on the whole thing (pictures and
video available soon)
17. Andy moved the site and posted the news items, publicised, etc.
18. Tapestry folks adjusted their scripts, edited the things Andy messed up
(presumably) and 
19. Someone asked Andy "don't you want to do that again" -- Andy said #16
what nice, but no thank you or only if I really really thought the project
was worth it like tapestry...that only happens once in awhile..."  (Nothing
based on JSP qualifies ;-) )
20. Now.

The entire process took from about September or October of LAST year to June
this year... The incubator is a lot like the DMV.

If you're bored this is all cross referenceable.  I've given up on it
though, I'm not bitter I just think its worthy of ridicule.

Feel free to distribute to other lists.

No one bother to flame, I'm done.


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Andrew C. Oliver
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