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From Steven Noels <>
Subject Re: basicPortal to incubator
Date Wed, 04 Jun 2003 13:40:30 GMT
On 4/06/2003 14:58 Andrew C. Oliver wrote:

> No one bother to flame, I'm done.

Are mild chuckles allowed? (;->

The incubation process of Lenya went along the same unregulated road, 
but maybe the grease left by Tapestry helped in reducing the amount of 
flames apparently inherent to the process.

_Persistent_ involvement of the sponsoring member(s) during the 
'process' is also a thing to emphasize, and not only for infrastructural 
matters (which in the case of Lenya were handled swiftly by Sander & 
Pier). Especially if the project is eager to leave incubation, but 'not 
quite there yet'. The first and the last {$unit-of-time} of the process 
certainly are the most visible ones, with the usual chest-thumping and 
all that, but it is my sincere belief (given my small experience with 
Lenya now) that the time in-between start & finish is critical to the 
survival of the project after 'graduation'.

Just my 0.02 EUR, if any Lenyatic wants to chime in, please do.

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