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From "Andrew C. Oliver" <>
Subject [Proposal] SuperXMailer
Date Tue, 01 Apr 2003 20:03:13 GMT
Hi All,

I'm pleased to finally propose the SuperXMailer for Jakarta via the 
incubator.  I'd like for the Jakarta PMC/committers to vote a tacit 
approval of the project before we work on acceptance into the 
incubator.  I'm sure that despite the inevitable controversy, folks will 
see a true value in this project and its active community.  
Unfortunately the source repository and mail archives are down at the 
moment, but I'm sure they'll be restored soon.

Note that there is also something strange with the bug database.  We now 
have email deobfuscation which defeats schemes like and such, as well as acoliver at apache 
dot org.  No worries, the mail will be harvested and get through!

Thanks for your consideration.  Please feel free to submit your vote in 


[0] rationale

SuperXMailer, the project hosted at is a tool for harvesting 
email addresses from web pages and mail lists, storing them in any 
database or XML file, and sending them email addresses. It features 
opt-out lists, email verification and much more.

The project is the creation of a number of Apache committers and is run 
as a meritocratic community-developed project.

Presently the CVS repository and mail lists are down (as of 3/30), but 
we have opened up a support request and will have it up again soon. 

[0.1] criteria

Meritocracy:  SuperXMailer follows the Apache meritocracy rules, with a 
core of committers including ASF members.

Community:  SuperXMailer has a modest, but very active community.  Its 
users are very pleased with its performance and capture capabillities.

Core Developers.  SuperXMailer has an active and dedicated team of 
committers.  The project was founded by Andrew C. Oliver, who is 
extremely dedicated to SuperXMailer and authored the majority of the 
codebase.  Nicola Ken Barrozzi and Glen Stampoultzis are frequent 
contributors of components and bug fixes as well as some significant 
extensions.  Sam Ruby has offered to provide Web Services extensions via 

Alignment:  SuperXMailer makes use of Lucene, POI, Struts, Velocity, 
Turbine, Xerces, Tomcat and Xalan.

Scope:  SuperXMailer is entirely a server-side application, well aligned 
with the overall goals of the Jakarta project.

[1] scope of subproject

The project shall create and maintain packages written in the Java 
programming language constituting the framework, management tools, 
search/database and mailer, a standard library of additional components, 
documentation, a web site and additional examples.

[2] identify the initial source from which the project is to be populated

The project currently resides on the SourceForge (

[3] identify the Jakarta resources to be created

[3.1] mailing lists(s)


[3.2] CVS repositories


[3.3] Bugzilla

framework - superx
components - web site, contrib library, documentation, examples

[3.4] Wiki

The SuperXMailer developers would like to make use of the ApacheWiki in 
order to facillitate the admittedly spartan documentation.  However, its 
extremely easy to use.  Many Apache committers have received mail from 
persons using it with great results. 

[4] identify the initial set of committers  (Any Jakarta commmitter is 
welcome to add their name here)

Andrew C. Oliver

Nicola Ken Barrozzi

Glen Stampoultzis

[5] identify apache sponsoring individuals (Any Apache member is welcome 
to add their name here)

Andrew C. Oliver

Nicola Ken Barrozzi

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