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From "Roy T. Fielding" <>
Subject Re: OpenSAML (was RE: Incubator DOA)
Date Thu, 13 Mar 2003 00:27:08 GMT
> Anybody downloading the code will have to obtain a royalty-free 
> license from RSA to use it, separate from whatever other license
> applies (i.e. the ASL). Period. Unless the ASF talks them into 
> changing their mind, that's the story. No ambiguity intended.
> Will it be royalty-free forever and ever? No idea. But whatever you're 
> reading into the statement they posted, I can clearly
> communicate that the above is exactly what we've been told in plain 
> English.
> If that's a deal-breaker for the board, then I'm simply suggesting 
> that that be made clear so that the principals can either drop
> the proposal or tell RSA that it's a problem. The latter has been done 
> informally, but obviously there's a stronger case to be made
> to them if we can say "change it or the standard isn't going to be 
> accepted".

My opinion is that the board will not accept such a proposal.  The board
might accept a conditional grant wherein the license to use is revoked
for a given user if and only if that user sues RSA for patent 
Such grants are the commonly accepted form of a mutual-defense license.

....Roy (speaking with my ASF board member hat on)

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