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From "Andrew C. Oliver" <>
Subject Re: Incubator Project
Date Wed, 26 Mar 2003 18:33:11 GMT
Bharat Welingkar wrote:

>Thanks for responding and yes we have considered sourceforge route as
>well, but we want to explore our options with Apache foundation as there
>are mutual benefits here. Some of the work that we may open source are
>not trivial projects, but a suite of products that might extend the
>usability of apache foundation projects such as Jakarta. So it does fall
>into that "interesting project" category and we would like to find out
>more about voting rules, community building and other things that
>Incubator/apache may help us with. Since this is a general list, perhaps
>detail discussions on this topic are not appropriate here, and may be we
>can communicate offline if necessary and I can get right people involved
>from our side.
Thats fine, its just your chances of acceptance are better if you have 
an existing community and sourcebase in advance.
Apache doesn't really help a project get off the ground so much as help 
healthy projects take it to the next
level.  This is for the same reason that Sourceforge doesn't have the 
same reputation as Apache. 

Note that Apache has a long tradition of out right rejecting what is 
kinda known as "corporate dumping".  Meaning
"we just cut the team that maintained this and thought we'd dump it here 
and see if it works out"..  Such efforts have
in the past been summarily rejected.  You'd be best to pick something, 
start building a community around it on neutral ground, then propose it. 
Otherwise, it is very unlikely that it will be accepted.

Enhancements to existing projects (for instance if here was a 
mobile-tomcat or something) it would be best do propose those there.


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