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From Paul Hammant <>
Subject Re: [altrmi] Bug in AbstractCompleteSocketStreamServer
Date Sat, 15 Mar 2003 22:55:09 GMT

Ooooh, been looking for something like that. Marathon ( ) is being bugged by an issue that 
sounds like it be caused by that.

Lets go for START & STOP. The intermediate states were just just 
over-design anyway.

Clearly a case of a missing or malfunctionig unit test.....

- Paul

> I found a bug in the AbstractCompleteSocketStreamServer.
> The code sets the internal state to STARTING, then fires off the 
> thread to monitor the socket, then sets the state to STARTED.
> The thread that monitors the socket does its thing as long as the 
> state is STARTED. I'm seeing the monitor thread start and immediately 
> exit since the state has not yet been changed to started.
> My question is, what is the proper fix, skipping the STARTING state 
> and going straight to STARTED? Or set STARTED right before spawning 
> the monitor thread, or in the monitor thread go into a loop if the 
> state is STARTING?
> -pete

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