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From "Andrew C. Oliver" <>
Subject Re: OpenSAML (was RE: Incubator DOA)
Date Wed, 12 Mar 2003 20:24:20 GMT
>I certainly disagree that I didn't address the issue. Your issue was that you didn't believe
the RSA license (that may never get
>released, the way things are going ;-) would be royalty-free, which simply disregards
the history of the discussion with RSA that
>you weren't part of. It will be, whether you believe it or not. Debating that is a waste
of our time, since neither of us controls
>the terms.
I think we have a misunderstanding on what it was I'm taling about.

>*My* issue is that it still remains a license that developers would have to get, and there's
no guarantee that the license will be
>royalty free forever, though I rather think it will. I agree, that's a concern, and it
may be that Apache simply can't accept such
>any such terms. That's fine too.
There is the one I don't believe.  By their statement it did not say 
that developers using the software would have to obtain a seperate 
license that they "INTEND" to be free, then on the next line it kind of 
contradicted that.  IANAL but I see this as WAY more threatening than 
LGPL section 6. .  So I would expect the board to treat this as needing 
to be crystal clear.

>I remain of the opinion that if the patent itself is the real issue, then you might as
well vote now on that basis. If the terms of
>the license that they release sometime in the hopefully near future are the issue, then
I think it's simply wise to defer the
>discussion until that time.
No.  Accepting the project should be tied to the licensing issues 
resolution.  Meaning a legal agreement stating clearly that 
committers/developers/members have the right to use/develop the software 
unhindered and that users can use the software under the same conditions 
as goverened by the ASL license. 

>In any case, I haven't dropped it. If you want to vote it down, then do so, and we'll
get on with life. Last I heard, the Apache
>representative who approached me had sent a note off to RSA expressing concern over the
issue, and was awaiting a response.
I do not think my concerns are petty and irrelevant as you seem to.



>Sorry to interrupt, please resume your flaming as necessary.
>-- Scott
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