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From "Andrew C. Oliver" <>
Subject Re: [VOTE:PMC] Release Tapestry to Jakarta
Date Wed, 12 Mar 2003 01:18:58 GMT
Sam Ruby wrote:

> Andrew C. Oliver wrote:
>> You can integrate with Gump regardless of Maven.  Its just 
>> configuring gump is a royal pain in the butt.  
> Pppbbbttt.
> Apparently creating the following is beyond Andy's abilities:
> In any case, this is just a *starter* definition.  What needs to be 
> added is lines for each dependency and for each property that needs to 
> be overridden.  The way I generally approach this is to start with a 
> minimal set and then add only what is absolutely necessary until I get 
> to a failure that I can't get past.
> In this case, I didn't get very far.  The build aborts quickly unless 
> jboss is present.

Sam..  With all due respect...   I do not see this as a complete Gump 
configuration..  In the end this might prove to be a problem with 
tapestry's build but I suspect you'll hit a few more Gumpisms first.  
Prove me wrong.  It was done once or twice before..  ;-)

> Once this is resolved, I am willing to help.  Or you can update the 
> project definition directly.  Or you can ask for help on 
> there are plenty of friendly people there.
> Meanwhile, you should get daily reminders that this is not complete 
> delivered to  ;-)
>> I figured
>> that if Maven is Gump-integrated then it should be easier to mavenize 
>> and take advantage of maven's gump integration.
> Maven has code which will produce a gump descriptor, but no code that 
> will consume one.  Conversely gump has no code for producing or 
> consuming Maven descriptors, though Jason has offered to help out by 
> writing a sax based parser for the Maven descriptor.
> In short, Maven integration can help with Gump integration, but at the 
> present time, the reverse is not true.
Right.  All I care about is Gump integration.  I see it as an important 
part of integrating into the Jakarta project.  Code compatibility may 
not directly correspond to community compatibility but Conway's law 
relates them rather heavily...  ;-)


> - Sam Ruby
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