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From "Roy T. Fielding" <>
Subject Re: Incubator DOA (Re: [STATUS] Tapestry [LACK-OF] Progress)
Date Wed, 12 Mar 2003 02:20:47 GMT
> I have to agree. AFAICT, accepting subprojects in the raison d'etre of 
> the
> Incubator. I was surprised by the statement that the incubator does 
> not want
> subprojects.  IIRC, the board has said that all subprojects must come 
> through
> the incubator. If it's just a cork, what's the point of it?

No, accepting the donation of new code has to come though incubator.
Unfortunately, the incubator PMC currently consists of the same people
who have over-volunteered their time for all of the other projects that
aren't getting done in the ASF.  Furthermore, there are no project
guidelines for incubator that say who gets to vote and what we might
be voting about, let alone how we track requests for infrastructure.

Does anyone want to volunteer for those tasks?  Or just do them?
I'll be happy to give you whatever commit access is needed.

What I see is Tapestry asking incubator to do things that only
infrastructure can accomplish (because we don't have the user privs)
and complaining here.  Sorry dudes, but I tune out people who start
their message by pissing and moaning about the behavior of those
people from whom they wish a favor.  We are all volunteers.

Yes, the documentation is insufficient. Sorry, someone made the mistake
of introducing an entry-barrier on the docs, which means it will be a
while before anyone other than Ken or Nicola Ken will get around to
editing the documentation directly.  Most of the decisions on incubator
are on hold pending other site-wide or community-wide or board issues
that soak up 110% of everyone's time.

Who is the RM for incubation of Tapestry?  We have a STATUS file:


I see no evidence of any progress of Tapestry towards fulfilling the
conditions on incubation.  Does that mean the STATUS file needs 
Please let me know who should have commit access to it.


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