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From "Gregor J. Rothfuss" <>
Subject Re: Proposal for Lenya
Date Mon, 24 Feb 2003 21:16:12 GMT
> > Just a few thoughts: I spent this morning browsing the Lenya code from
> > CVS and so far I have mixed feelings about the project. Basically I'm
> > unable to see an "architecture" in the whole codebase, it seems to me
> > more a set of Cocoon components glued together around specific project
> > needs than a real CMS framework.
> +1, and a major worry to me ATM. My remark on the 'cms features being
> implemented per-publication' was aimed directly at this, and the more I
> look into the collection of sitemaps, the more I see some clean-sheet
> [RT]-ing would be a Good Thing.

we are aware of the fact that the sitemaps could use some cocoon TLC :)
that said, we have started to clean our house, and are certainly very
open to suggestions how this might be best done. i was talking with
michael in the office today, and we now believe that it may make more
sense to postpone this "sitemap cleanup" till after a move to apache
(im hoping we make the vote :).

we planned to submit a cleaned-up 1.0 to apache, but to be honest, the
1.0 label is more a "we are ok with it to go to apache now" rather than
a very specific milestone. therefore we have quite some leeway to
declare a 1.0.

one concrete example: we are looking for a clean way to provide default
functionality via the root sitemap, while still allowing for these
defaults to be overwritten by publications. our current approach is
less than ideal, and im sure there are better ways to do it.

> > This said, Lenya can be a good starting point to talk about a CMS built
> > upon Cocoon, even if I foresee major changes and challenges forthcoming.
> > It seems to me anyway that the Wyona guys are more than open for
> > discussing it and well aware that this Apache incubation might lead to
> > something radically different to what they got until now, and this is
> > good news.
> +1, they have already shown good spirit in answering my pesky (but
> benevolent) remarks.

heh :)

> > In short: they have a codebase, and they have a good community around
> > it, so here is my (informal) +1 to this incubation, together with a
> > personal commitment to follow closely this project and help wherever I
> I'm glad to see you jump up as well.

what is the next step for us, besides soliciting more comments on the
i guess at some point there will be a vote in the cocoon pmc?


Gregor J. Rothfuss

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