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From Scott Cantor <>
Subject RE: OpenSAML VOTE Results (was Re: [VOTE] Accept OpenSAML as part of Web Services )
Date Wed, 19 Feb 2003 22:27:28 GMT
> Clarify this for me.  I might contribute to this OpenSAML, which I'm 
> free to do as a member of Apache who would hence have license.  However 
> if I take this back to my company (outside of Apache) I must then seek 
> another license which by intent (though not by agreement) would again be 
> Royalty free? 

That's my interpretation of it. I as the original author can't even use my own code unless
I can get OSU to sign the RSA license. I
rather expect that will be difficult, because my university doesn't like promising to cross-license
like that.

OTOH, I could sign it myself and use it for personal purposes.

-- Scott

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