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From "Sander Striker" <>
Subject Feedback from Tapestry developers, WAS: RE: [Tapestry-contrib] Re: Tapestry?
Date Sun, 05 Jan 2003 13:05:32 GMT
> From: []
> Sent: Sunday, January 05, 2003 12:10 PM

> Justin Erenkrantz <> wrote on 05/01/2003 07:32:50 
> PM:
[... very long mail with questions and answers about/pro adoption/incubation
 of Tapestry...]

>> To me, Tapestry seems a bit too mature for the ASF, and I don't think 
>> we can add substantial value to Tapestry.  The word for this list is 
>> 'incubator.'  This seems like an adoption rather than an incubation. 
> I'd agree with this last sentence. But given the Tapestry developers 
> originally put the proposal to Jakarta, and that all new projects were 
> supposed to come through 'incubation' (AFAIK), that's how they got here.

Yes, that is the case.  Without Incubator in place Tapestry would no
doubt already be absorbed by Jakarta.  Personally I would say that would
have been a bad thing, since the Jakarta PMC is overloaded as it is.

So, now we are here, Tapestry is considered for incubation.  We've kept
them hanging in limbo for far too long... apologies for that.  Now it is
time for action.  And some of us have some questions we'd like to see
answered by the Tapestry folk.

It would be nice to hear from the Tapestry developers themselves on what
they expect to gain from becoming an ASF project.


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