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From "Roy T. Fielding" <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Apache Incubator Sandbox
Date Tue, 14 Jan 2003 21:33:33 GMT
> So basically my Incubator Sandbox is exactly the committers' module. 
> Ok.


> Is there a PMC overlooking it? Should someone overlook it anyway?

Anyone who wishes.  There is a commit mail list.  A PMC is only needed
for projects that act (as in distribute software) on behalf of the ASF.

> Dunno really, but it would be nice if mailing lists or such can be 
> created to help extemporary commiunities, and closed with not many 
> problems if the traffic goes to 0.

That is incubator.

> Should this module be publicized to committers more?
> Should it be the "standard" module where committers can try out new 
> stuff?

It should be the way to share temporary workspaces. It should not 
incubator --- anything that wants to distribute code should go through
incubator because we want to create a self-governing project around it.

> From my (albeit limited) experience there is a need for it, and nobody 
> seems to know about it much where I come from.
> What are the cons of making it part of the Incubator PMC roles?
> It /seems/ that it's part of incubating new stuff, no?

Incubator can create its own cvs modules by project name, even for 
that are just starting and have only one or two committers.  As soon as
the project is identifiable, it should have its own lists and modules.
The committers module is more for the pre-project idea and pre-commons
fooling around stage.

No objection to creating an incubator subdirectory under committers,
or for creation of an incubator module open to all committers.


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