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From robert burrell donkin <>
Subject Re: [Tapestry-contrib] Re: Tapestry?
Date Sun, 05 Jan 2003 20:11:00 GMT
On Sunday, January 5, 2003, at 07:22 PM, Aaron Bannert wrote:

> On Sunday, January 5, 2003, at 06:00  AM, Andrew C. Oliver wrote:
>>> Why not a top-level project? I'd be ok with that as a result.
>> The tapestry community prefered to join Jakarta.  From a visibility
>> prospect this makes the most sense.  Most people at work have
>> as their homepage.
> Being a top-level project does not exclude a project from being
> linked from a Jakarta webpage.

being a top level project - or not - should be more about how the ASF 
supervises and manages the project and less about being a part of jakarta 
(or not).

the link from the jakarta home page is just a physical manifestation of 
the relationship. i can see why the tapestry community might want to 
belong to the jakarta community - and some of the advantages that it would 
bring. there should really be no reason why tapestry couldn't be part of 
jakarta but supervised by the ASF as a top-level project (if that turns 
out to be the best plan). indeed - as i understand it - that's the model 
that most of jakarta will be (slowly) moving towards in the future.

- robert

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